Mrs. Kirby Kindergarten

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to kindergarten! Here is a bit of information about me. I was raised in Redondo Beach.  I attended Beryl Heights Elementary School, Parras Middle School, and Redondo Union High School.  I graduated from UCLA with a degree in English, then earned my Multiple Subject CLEAR teaching credential and Masters Degree in Education at Chapman University.  I have been teaching in the South Bay since 2003. I began my career as an educator in Torrance and have been teaching in Redondo since 2011.  

My husband's name is Matt and we have two amazing children, Hunter and Emiko. We also have a very special Bloodhound named Molly. She is a handful, but definitely completes our family unit!


I feel so lucky to teach kindergarten! I think being 5 or 6 years old is such a momentous time in a child’s life. They are learning so much about how the world works and how to be a good person.  I feel blessed that I get to play a role in that part of their lives.


I can't wait to get to know your little ones!





Homework will begin when students have adjusted to the school routine.  In addition to homework it is highly recommended that you read nightly with your kindergarten student; read to them, use the Raz Kids app, or have them read to you. A trick word list is posted on this webpage and will be emailed to you. Mastery of this list assists with reading and writing. Mastery means they can read the word, spell the word and use it in a sentence. When we get to the addition unit, practicing adding within ten is recommended. We will be having a homework free day every Wednesday. We recommend family time on this day.



Please send a HEALTHY snack to school with your child. They will eat their snack to refuel their bodies and brains during the first 5 minutes of socialization which will be nutrition time. Please do not send an overabundant amount of food as there is a minimal amount of time to eat, and they need their play time. If an unhealthy snack (i.e. soda, candy, etc.) is sent to school, we will send it back home with your child, as this type of food will hinder their ability to learn. Please ensure your child knows how to open their snack by themselves. Also, their backpacks will receive the morning sun.  Therefore, please put your child’s snack in an insulated container to prevent it from spoiling (if needed). The beginning of the year is very hot. Please make sure that your child has a labeled water bottle in their backpack. This will help us minimize long lines at the water fountain and optimize our learning time.

Kindergarten Reminders

Kindergarten Daily Schedule


 Label EVERYTHING. The children come to school with sweaters, jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes and forget to bring them home. If they are labeled it will help us return them to their rightful owner.

Take Home Folder

Your child will keep a take home folder in their backpack. The folder should be emptied nightly and returned to school daily. Any papers that are sent home can be reviewed and completed. You do not need to return the completed work unless otherwise specified.

Common Core Standards

Please visit this site to view the state standards your child will be expected to know by the end of the year.  

Your child has all year to master each concept.