Robin Rau » Mrs. Rau's 3rd Grade Room 5

Mrs. Rau's 3rd Grade Room 5

Hi, my name is Robin Rau and I am a 3rd grade teacher.  Here are the highlights of my fantastic life.  I am married and have 2 grown sons. I love cats and have 2 of them.  My family has lived in Redondo Beach for many years, however, I was born and raised in Maryland.  I started my education career in Redondo Beach in 1995 working as an Instructional Aide.  I have been teaching since 2004.  During my teaching career, many of my classes have been combination classes, and I have taught 1st through 4th grades.  I love books, and in my free time I read as much as possible.
I love teaching and believe in the whole child approach, teaching not just academic skills, but social and emotional skills as well.  In my classroom we practice positive thinking, being polite, kind, and showing gratitude.